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Samsung Galaxy S4 to feature 4G LTE connectivity, says EE

Samsung’s imminent new arrival, the Galaxy S4, will feature super speedy 4G LTE mobile connectivity. Confirmation comes from UK network EE, who couldn’t wait for tomorrow’s launch to let the news out.

The network tweeted “Ready for #TheNextGalaxy? Ee.co.uk/Galaxy It’s coming to superfast 4GEE”.

Of course, 4G LTE is pretty much a certainty for the S4 – the S3 before it was launched again with 4G connectivity, and Samsung’s rivals HTC and Sony have already launched their flagship handsets for 2013 with 4G connectivity on board.

However, it looks as though Samsung will go all-out in an attempt to get its latest flagship smartphone on as many 4G networks across the world at launch. EE is currently the UK’s only 4G network but will be joined later in the year by others, including Vodafone and Three, but it remains to be seen whether the phone will come ready to work on their networks when the time comes.

EE’s tweet confirms that the S4 will support its 1800MHz 4G band, but not all 4G networks around the globe use this spectrum. We would expect Samsung to launch multiple variants of the phone to suit different 4G spectrums in different countries. However, if it opts to use Qualcomm’s newest chip, one model could connect to all 4G networks around the world – and wouldn’t that be awesome!

The Galaxy S4 will launch tomorrow in New York, but if you’re keen to see the phone early then this leaked demo video could well offer an early glimpse.

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