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Samsung Galaxy Note ICS Update Pushed Back To Q2

Unfortunately, it would seem there is a bit of bad news if you happen to have a Samsung Galaxy Note and was expecting on soon being able to get your hands on the much anticipated ICS update.

It was initially expected that the update would be released in Q1 this year, however it’s now thought that the update will be delayed and instead will be rolled out sometime in Q2 instead.

This news comes direct from Samsung’s official Facebook page in Norway, so there is still a chance it may be an isolated issue in that Country instead of a global thing. Although, there was no indication of that when the announcement was made on the socially networking site.

Although this issue is thought to affect all Samsung Galaxy Note devices, just remember the beginning of Q2 is only a couple of weeks away. So hopefully any issues that have become apparent have already been resolved, therefore we’ll start to see the update being rolled out at the beginning of the second quarter, instead of the end of it.

Maybe Samsung will clarify the situation soon as to whether it is in fact a global issue and not a local one, and if they do we’ll let you know.

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