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Samsung Galaxy Note Finally Gets Official Ice Cream Sandwich Update

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Yes, you’ve read that correctly. The ICS update for the Galaxy Note is now official and has started to roll out to patiently waiting users.

Now, if you’re a Galaxy Note owner I’m sure you’ve felt like this day would never come. After all, the ICS update has been pushed back a fair few times for various reasons. In that time there have been various leaked test versions appearing online for those who simply cannot wait to get a feel of what ICS is like on the Android tablet/smartphone device, as well as the Cyanogen team managing to get a custom ROM out of ICS on the Note before Samsung.

However, that’s all in the past now as the official update direct from Samsung is here and is making its way to Galaxy Note devices around the world. Now, although we know that the update has commenced, unfortunately Samsung have not released any form of update schedule for us to get an idea of when various regions will get the update.

So, at the moment it would seem that users are simply waiting for notification of the update directly on the Note itself, just like some lucky users in Germany have had (shown in the picture above).Although you can wait for the OTA notification, If you want you can also keep checking for the update via Samsung Kies as well.

Now, if you’ve managed to get the update already on your Galaxy Note, perhaps you’d be kind enough to leave us a comment and let us know of any other functionality you may have stumbled upon.

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