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Samsung Galaxy Nexus pulled from Vodafone following software bugs

Just days after the much-anticipated Samsung Galaxy Nexus hit our stores, Vodafone UK customers have flocked to the web to complain about some serious software issues with their new Google-based gadget forcing the network and retailer to withdraw the model from its high street shelves.

Launched on November 17th the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich model mobile, a collaboration between Google software and Samsung tech, was launched to the public and since that time  users have piled onto the XDA Developers forum and social sites such as Twitter and Facebook reporting what is being refered to as SAV-Ghost, where by the handsets volume fades out eerily by itself during a phone call – the effect is reflected in the title given by the users, which is an abreviation of ‘Self-Aware Volume Ghost’.

Other Galaxy Nexus stockists Phones4U or O2 report they can shed no light on the situation, with the former stating to a fellow tech news site “Our customer service and repair departments have so far received no complaints regarding any software issues on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus handsets they’ve purchased, and with the exception of one customer in our Oxford Street store yesterday, we’ve not been made aware of any software issues with the device. However, we would obviously advise anyone who does encounter a problem with their handset to get in touch with us as soon as possible and we will look into this immediately.”

The list of disappointments is building in just a few short days. The first owner of Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus actually was handed a developers model in store, believing it was the real deal the customer was baffled to find unfinished software and developers tools on his brand new mobile. Other new owners have also been reporting lack of Flash, but in fairness, this was actually discussed by Samsung as coming to ICS at a later date on receiving approval from Adobe).

For now Vodafone has put its sale on lockdown until the solution to the volume issue surfaces and we’ll keep on top of this story to
bring our readers all the latest developments.

If you yourself are experiencing problems with your new Samsung Galaxy Nexus, please contact us by comment below or via our @Gadget_Helpline Twitter page or Official Facebook group.

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