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Samsung Galaxy S IV cases show possible new design

Samsung recently stole the show at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. In a week where all of the big names are expected to reveal their big phones for the year, Samsung introduced a few mid-range items but dropped a bigger bombshell mid-way through the week: The Samsung Galaxy S IV will be launched at a Samsung Unpacked event on March 14, Pi Day.

We may already know a little bit more about that phone than Samsung anticipated, thanks to the actions of a certain Chinese case manufacturer. The unnamed provider shared pictures of cases made for the upcoming phone with accessories retailer Mobile Fun, who published these images to the industry at large. The Galaxy S4 case images are interesting as they provide a good idea of what the eventual Galaxy S4 will look like and what features it will include.

Probably the most telling photograph is the first one posted, which shows a silicone case in a number of colours. The most obvious design choice is the overall shape of the case, which suggests that we’ll see a much squarer Galaxy S phone than we got last year with the Galaxy S III. The design is instead more reminiscent of the Galaxy S II. The photo also shows that the phone will have a large camera, likely 13 megapixel or with a larger sensor than normal. The camera is flanked by LED flash on one side and a loudspeaker on the other, an arrangement that has been picking up new adherents as of late. Finally, we can also see that the phone includes a headphone jack on the top right, volume buttons on the left hand side, lock on the right and micro USB on the bottom.

We don’t have too much longer to wait now – just over two weeks and and then we’ll see the Galaxy S IV for real. While Samsung has committed to unparalleled secrecy in the past, there’s still plenty of time for comprehensive leaks to start to appear.

What do you think of the proposed squarer design? 

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