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Samsung Galaxy S III Gets Taken Apart

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Here is something that I’m sure some of you have been waiting for, courtesy of iFixit. As per usual they have managed to get their hands on Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone and take it apart piece by piece.

The specific model number of this Galaxy SIII is the GT-i9300, which happens to be the international version and not the variant that will be heading to North America, confirmed by the Exynos 4412 quad-core CPU on-board. The CPU is actually manufactured in the same way as Apple’s A5 rev 2 processor, which also happens to be manufactured by Samsung too. Other components such as the various memory modules are also produced by Samsung.

Moving on to connectivity, the SIII features the same Intel Wireless PMB98111X Gold Baseband chipset used on the Galaxy SII. Wi-Fi is dealt with using Broadcom’s BMC 4330 chip, while GPS is also powered by Broadcom’s BCM47511 Monolithic GNSS receiver, finally NFC is provided via the NXP PN544 chip.

The process of identifying the components used was fairly easy, as Samsung labelled some parts to reveal their role in operating the phone. Such components included the Melfas 8PL533 Touch Screen Controller, the Wolfson WM1811AE Audio Codec and Maxim Max77686 Power Management IC.

There is obviously an abundance of other chipsets included within the Galaxy SIII, although we wanted to point out one you may think is most interesting. That is, that the SIII features exactly the same Sony 8MP back-illuminated image sensor used on the iPhone 4S. So, for all the Apple fans bragging about how good their camera is on their 4S, be prepared to have an influx of Galaxy SIII owners uploading all their creative shots to Flickr as well, along with equal bragging rights.

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