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Samsung Confirms New Tizen Smartphones and Android Smart-Watch

Samsung will be treading new ground this year by launching two new product ranges including a new Android smart-watch and a pair of mobile handsets running on the company’s own Tizen OS.

Both of which have been heavily rumoured for some time, but the news of both Samsung products became official when the South Korean company’s VP Yoon Han-kil spoke to the business source Reuters revealing the speculations are true and Tizen will be seen running on not one, but two new handsets released this year.

We recently glimpsed one of these handsets in a supposedly legit leaked image of the Samsung ZEQ9000 and its believed this could be one of two Tizen variants, a high-end model and a budget model – both expected mid-year, around June. But the Vice President is advising that the company will initial aim for markets which it knows the product will be well received, so we’re thinking the Asian market will get first looks.

As for the Samsung smart-watch, again much has been speculated about the product but despite the most recent suggestion that this wearable gadget will also come running Tizen, a mobile operating system it created based on Linux, Han-kil confirmed this is now set to come loaded with a version Android when it gets a release late 2014.

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