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Samsung Confirms Flexible OLED Displays Consumer Ready By End of Year

Korean mobile co. and screen tech pioneer Samsung has confirmed that its flexible OLED displays which have been doing the rounds at tech trade shows will be consumer ready by the end of the year. In mid-2011 we saw concepts of the “Samsung Galaxy Skin” but sadly the project never was and turned out to be purely that – a concept. In impressive mock-up scenes we did get to see an 8mm slimline phone posing in a variety of mutated states never before dreamt of.

The pictures revealed a fantastic Galaxy handset that could be stretched to four inches, able to wrap around a one-inch pipe and be folded, twisted and positioned for use as a desk clock or mini media player amongst a range of other intriguing forms. It also appeared to manage to pack in an 8MP camera at the rear and a front-facing VGA shooter and can even be used as a mini video projector.

There’s no indication of what can truly be mass produced and marketable within the next nine months, whether it would be as advanced as the sci-fi tech we saw in the Skin concept or something a little closer and simplified as in the below shot is yet to be known. All we have right now is word that this is Samsung’s plan for the flexy tech. We eagerly await more details..

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