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Break Stuff: Samsung burns, drops and soaks Galaxy S4 in stress tests

The Samsung Galaxy S4 isn’t best known for its tough build and durability, but Samsung wants us to know just how far it goes to make sure its latest smartphones can withstand the daily trauma we put them through. A new video demonstrates a number of stress tests Samsung carry out in the factory to ensure the Galaxy S4 can withstand being dropped, splashed and even exposed to heat.

If you’re the type who is extremely cautious with their gadgets and treats your smartphone like it could break at any minute then it’s probably a good idea to watch these videos – they’re more durable than you think! And whilst the tests definitely made us wince a little, it’s impressive how the S4 performs.

Phones get dropped on the floor, dropped in a toilet and left out in the sun every day, and it’s these situations that Samsung tests its phones against to ensure they can stand up to the challenges of daily use. For starters, a large machine pushes the phones off of a shelf and into a drop of around 2 feet, thudding onto solid metal below. Thanks to Gorilla Glass the phone’s screen doesn’t shatter and it continues to work as normal afterwards.

The same happens when a stress test is carried out specifically on the screen. We’re sure there are a few of our readers who have forgotten about the phone in their back pocket and sat down, smashing the screen in the process. Samsung uses machinery to apply downward pressure to the display, and whilst the Gorilla Glass covering does bend a little, there’s no lasting damage done.

Samsung’s tests also show that the S4 is resistant to heat and water, to certain extents. The phone works fine after a dozen or so seconds underwater, so in theory you’ll get off lightly if you accidently drop it in the sink or worse, the toilet. On the other end of the scale, the S4 is able to withstand heat ‘torture’ tests where the phones are shut in an oven of sorts which then heats up to see if the phones will stay on and active – both ice and butter easily melt just inches away from the phones!

It’s no doubt going to be comforting to S4 owners to know their phones are tougher than expected, although there will still be some out there who manage to break the device.

Check out the video from Samsung below.

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