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Samsung announce 20MP NX200 digital camera

So we’ve been treated to a nice selection of Samsung products today, and one of the stand-out announcements is arguably the new NX200 digital camera with interchangeable lenses.

The new NX200 feature an impressive 20.3MP APS-C CMOS sensor which has been developed in-house by Samsung, which the company say allows the camera to capture photos that highlight even the smallest of detail. The NX200 also features a 100Ms advanced AF focus allowing for high-speed continuous shooting of 7fps.

The camera also has a wide ISO range from 100-12800, which should be ideal when shooting in dark environments or capturing images of moving objects.

You will also be able to use the NX200 to capture HD video at 1080p/30fps using the H.264 specification which should allow you to capture excellent quality video, which will also be recorded in stereo as well.

The NX200 will also take advantage of Samsung’s “i-Function 2.0” lenses which will allow you to control a range of parameters from the lens itself, including: exposure value, white balance and ISO,  without having to take your eye off the shot.

On the back of the NX200 you’ll find a 3-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 640×480 pixels, which should nicely replicate the colours being viewed through the lens.

The Samsung NX200 will go on sale in September with a price tag of £699 and the choice of having either the 18-55mm lens or the 20-55mm lens included in the box.

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