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Samsung Galaxy Note Android 4.0 ICS ROM Leaked

Well it’s no secret that Samsung are currently working on the much anticipated ICS update for the Galaxy Note, which is expected to start rolling out sometime this quarter.

However, if you’re inpatient and can’t wait any longer to get your hands on the update, then you’ll be pleased to know that a leaked version of the ICS ROM has made its way to the World Wide Web.

Now, according to reports from users who have already taken the plunge and updated their Galaxy Note to ICS, it would seem that it’s probably not quite as finished as users perhaps expected. Apparently the leaked ROM lacks Samsung’s Premium Suite and also some users are reporting that the Touch Wiz UI, along with Google Play will crash upon first boot – although that seems to be a glitch that happens only the once. Apart from that, everything else seems to be hunky-dory.

Obviously, we wouldn’t recommend updating your Note to this leaked ROM, unless you completely know what you are doing – and are aware of the possible consequences if it goes wrong. If you’re happy enough to try it, check out RootzWiki site where you can find details about how to download the EXE Odin once-click file, along with instructions on how to apply it to your Note.

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