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Russell Brand becomes face of HP TouchPad launch

Russell Brand is the new face of the HP TouchPad ad campaign. The Brit comedian-turned-Hollywood actor appears in a series of promo clips about all of the new slab’s main features – adding a touch of star power to the fight against Apple’s iPad 2.

In the main ad braggadocios Brand claims he likes things simple – this is why the HP TouchPad is his perfect tablet. Demoing the swipe feature and showing off how easy it is to go through the apps of interest to an English gentleman, including dentistry (obviously), football and Facebook.

The controversial cockney goes in deep, explaining in his unique comical manner the True Multitasking features of his HP TouchPad (or his “little robot butler”) as well as Just Type, Full Web, Synergy, Smart Notifications, Entertainment Everywhere, Touch to Share, and Touchstone.

The HP TouchPad packs a 1.2GHz Snapdragon processor and 9.7” 1024×768 display for all those big screen glorious apps, with webOS allowing you to share websites on other devices. There’s also superior quality Beats Audio and Adobe Flash Player for the media experience.

“My life is like nothing else” – Brand says – “and so is yours. The HP TouchPad works like nothing else”

The tablet was launched in the States on Friday and is available for order in the UK now, with shipping in July. The Gadget Helpline got its own “hands-on” with the HP TouchPad, playing about with the Touch to Share feature at the Gadget Show Live – so if you can’t stick Brand we’ve got you covered HERE!

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