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RIM: BlackBerry music streaming service on the way?

Rumour has it that RIM, makers of BlackBerry mobile phones and the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, is about to launch a music streaming service for its devices in a bid to stay ahead of the growing competition.

While the streaming service Spotify is going great guns on nearly every other format, the lack of a similar option on RIM devices may be the reason for the company taking matters into its own hands. Word from Reuters is that RIM is now in the last stages of negotiation with the major record labels about permissions for streaming their song library.

Apple has the new, iCloud-enabled version of iTunes on the way, and Android isn’t short of options in terms of apps to stream music, so a BlackBerry service would make a great deal of sense as a project for RIM, who’s had something of a rocky year.

Would a bundled music streaming service turn you on to using a BlackBerry? Or, if you have one already, are you excited by this news? Let us know on the Gadget Helpline Twitter feed.

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