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RETRO REPLAY ► NES Classic “Punch-Out” Makes Comeback on the Nintendo 3DS eShop This Week!

The Gadget Helpline: RETRO REPLAY feature will bring you a regular throwback to the days of old school gaming and will present a little history on the new wave of classic titles currently getting a revival on our modern gaming gadgets.

In this week’s Nintendo 3DS eShop update, by way of the 1980s and weighing in at 8-bits, we get another chance to enjoy one of our beloved childhood favourites – Punch Out, which comes boxing its way back onto Nintendo consoles once more since it’s last appearance on the Wii’s Virtual Console platform in 2007!

Originally released in arcades then ported to console in 1987 for the Nintendo Entertainment System as “Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out” the game included the World Boxing Champ alongside a cast of colourful and cartoonish contenders and is highly regarded as one of the best NES games ever launched on the platform, up near the heights of Super Mario Bros. In fact Mario even makes a special appearance in Punch-Out as a referee!

Taking on the role of a Rocky-esque character named Little Mac, the third-person perspective play of Punch-Out involved touring the small time boxing circuit and working up to the big time utilising the two button and d-pad of the classic NES controller to deliver a jab, hook and an uppercut as well as limited side-stepping, ducks and blocks to attack and evade his opponents – who were far better equipped than poor Little Mac and had their own unique attacks. Timing and a quick reflex were key to taking down an opponent with a winning combo of blows, but button bashing was quite often the method employ by many a gamer!

Gaining star points from each fight improved Mac’s repertoire and his skills could improve to take on bigger and more challenging bouts against the likes of Bald Bull, Disco Kid and Bear Hugger – building rep until the big title fight against Mike Tyson, or Mr. Dream in later versions. The game also featured cut-scene animations of Little Mac in training making the game all the more an epic journey resembling the popular boxing movies of the era.

The game has resurfaced a number of times since its NES appearance, appearing strangely as an unlockable bonus game in Animal Crossing for the Nintendo GameCube. Reappearing characters have also been spotted in other Nintendo titles and the game last got a brief revival through the Wii Virtual Console complete with new graphics. For another bash at the original you can now buy and download the original Punch-Out on your Nintendo 3DS through the eShop costing £4.50.

Also available on the eShop in this week’s update is the equally nostalgia-inspiring Super Mario Bros, also for £4.50 and you can grab yourself a demo of Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games for free.

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