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Retro Replay: Bethesda Re-releases Wolfenstein 3D Ahead of ‘The New Order’

Legendary first person-shooter Wolfenstein 3D is set for a return on PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE in Europe after recently receiving a retro re-release by Bethesda in the United States.

Wolfenstein 3D was originally published in 1992 as a DOS game by Apogee Games as a successor to Castle Wolfenstein, an early and very basic 80s platformer. Apogee is the company which later became 3D Realms – the people responsible for the distasteful but highly fun shoot-em up Duke Nukem 3D and the idea behind Wolfenstein 3D is just as bizarre.

Imagine if the Nazis won the 2nd World War, well, logically they’d go on to make an army of zombies, right? The player takes on the role of a heroic American/Polish soldier named BJ Blazkowicz who enters a ‘3D’ maze (using impressive graphics at the time) which is filled with legions of armed and blood-thirsty undead. Each of the game’s three episodes featured a boss to be defeated, the final of which being a mutated, heavily armoured Hitler!

The relaunch of Wolfenstein 3D comes as Bethesda prepares to release a brand new addition to the franchise called Wolfenstein: The New Order. Coming in 20 years later, the game will benefit from next generation capabilities of the Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox lines and will feature updated versions of classic foes and brand new challenges when it hits this December.

We’re excited to see more of Wolfenstein: The New Order as footage surfaces from the E3 event next week and look forward to getting reacquainted with the vintage Wolfenstein 3D, which is now available in the U.S for $4.99 on PSN and 400 MSP on Xbox Live.

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