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Retina Display MacBook Pro in Very Short Supply Already

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Eager Apple fans may be left feeling a little disappointed this afternoon, after stocks of Apple’s new Retina Display MacBook Pro seem to have dwindled within hours.

As the Cupertino Company unveiled the ‘next generation MacBook Pro’ as some sort of futuristic notebook, it proudly stated that the product would be available the very next day. Despite a steep price tag of £1799, Apple fans were still eager to try and be the first to grab one this morning.

Unfortunately the numbers of Apple fans seem to have outweighed stock numbers in here in the UK, with Apple’s flagship UK store on Regent Street in London selling out before lunchtime. At first this makes you think the product was insanely popular, but several sources (likely Apple store employees) have confirmed that only 7 of the new devices were in stock.

Many Apple stores around the UK haven’t even gotten their stock yet, including our two local stores at Bath and Bristol, and one of Apple’s most recent stores at Covent Garden, London. From all the stores we’ve spoken to so far, the impression is that they were hoping to get the Macs in but have actually heard nothing about a delivery date.

Apple revealed upgraded MacBook Pro models in the 13 and 15-inch sizes, with faster Intel Ivy Bridge processors, USB 3.0 connectivity and the latest Nvidia Kepler graphics. These models all look the same on the outside as last year’s range, but it was the ‘next generation’ MacBook Pro that stole the show, with its eye-popping Retina Display, MacBook Air-thinness and speedy SSD storage.

The same issue affects online orders, with a wait of somewhere in the region of 2-3 weeks expected already, if not longer.

The price tag alludes to the sort of new technology Apple has packed into this laptop, with prices starting at £1799 and going all the way up to a pocket-scorching £3000 for the top spec model. We want one, but it looks as though we’ll be waiting a little while yet.

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