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Report: Apple to launch iPhone 5S in August and new iPads in April

Apple will kick start its new year with new tablets before anything else, with an iPad 5 and possible iPad Mini 2 said to be launching in April.

Sources for Apple-centric site iMore believe that Apple is considering an April launch for a new full-sized iPad and a new iPad Mini. However, it’s not certain whether the iPad Mini launching next month will have the upgrade that everybody wants; the Retina display – previous reports have suggested an October launch for such a product.

An April launch would confirm that Apple has moved from an annual iPad launch schedule to a bi-annual one, with a seven month gap between the 5th generation model and the 4th, which was launched on October 23rd. Apple launched the 3rd gen model on March 16th seven months prior to the fourth, so the schedule makes perfect sense.

We’ve heard rumours that Apple will change the full-size iPad’s design big time this year, switching to the slim and sleek design of the iPad Mini. Leaked case designs have hinted at this.

The iPad Mini was revealed on October 23rd, alongside the 4th gen iPad, and so an April launch will again mark a 7 month gap. However, the most rumoured and indeed hoped-for feature for a potential iPad Mini 2 is a super-sharp Retina display, which could be tricky for Apple to pull off in that size and may push back any potential launch date.

Further to iPad rumours, Ritchie believes that an iPhone 5S will debut in August, a few weeks ahead of the year anniversary of the iPhone 5’s September reveal. In keeping with Apple’s bi-annual ‘S’ naming tradition, the iPhone 5S will apparently keep the same design but receive a boost on the inside, with a more powerful processor and more advanced camera.

iMore has been pretty spot on with predictions and information from its sources in the past regarding new Apple gadgets, though we’re inclined to recommend a pinch of salt just for now.

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