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How to Remove Unwanted Picasa Albums From Samsung Galaxy SIII

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Gadget Helpline is at the forefront of support for every new smartphone, and as a result we tend to build up knowledge of common problems and fixes very early on.

We’ve heard several reports that the Samsung Galaxy SIII is automatically retrieving unwanted photos wirelessly from nearby laptops and computers using its S Beam feature. While most photos can be deleted manually from the phone, some users are finding that their Picasa photos are transferred across, and there isn’t an option to delete these.

The same happens when you sign in with an existing Google account that’s linked to Picasa; photos are added to the Gallery and are seemingly non-removable. Thankfully we’ve found a way of getting rid of the albums altogether, although it’s quite long-winded. Stay with us for this one…

  1. Open Settings, scroll down and tap Application Manager
  2. Tap All
  3. Select Google+
  4. Tap Uninstall Updates
  5. Return to home screen by pressing middle button
  6. Find Google+ in apps menu and open it
  7. Follow setup steps, when prompted about Auto Uploads choose to turn them off
  8. Close Google+
  9. Open Settings, scroll down and tap Accounts and Sync
  10. Select your Google account
  11. Untick these options if available: Sync Google+, Sync Google Photos, Sync Picasa Web Albums
  12. Tap Sync now at the bottom
  13. Tap Back arrow twice to return to main settings screen
  14. Open Application Manager
  15. Tap All
  16. Scroll down and tap Gallery
  17. Tap Clear Data
  18. Return to home screen by pressing middle button
  19. Open Gallery app, you should now find that the Picasa albums are gone!

We’re working on slimming down the process if possible, but right now this is the only method we’ve found to work. Give it a go and let us know how it goes, or if you encounter any issues. Good luck!


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