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How to Remove Unwanted Picasa Albums From Samsung Galaxy SIII

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Gadget Helpline is at the forefront of support for every new smartphone, and as a result we tend to build up knowledge of common problems and fixes very early on.

We’ve heard several reports that the Samsung Galaxy SIII is automatically retrieving unwanted photos wirelessly from nearby laptops and computers using its S Beam feature. While most photos can be deleted manually from the phone, some users are finding that their Picasa photos are transferred across, and there isn’t an option to delete these.

The same happens when you sign in with an existing Google account that’s linked to Picasa; photos are added to the Gallery and are seemingly non-removable. Thankfully we’ve found a way of getting rid of the albums altogether, although it’s quite long-winded. Stay with us for this one…

  1. Open Settings, scroll down and tap Application Manager
  2. Tap All
  3. Select Google+
  4. Tap Uninstall Updates
  5. Return to home screen by pressing middle button
  6. Find Google+ in apps menu and open it
  7. Follow setup steps, when prompted about Auto Uploads choose to turn them off
  8. Close Google+
  9. Open Settings, scroll down and tap Accounts and Sync
  10. Select your Google account
  11. Untick these options if available: Sync Google+, Sync Google Photos, Sync Picasa Web Albums
  12. Tap Sync now at the bottom
  13. Tap Back arrow twice to return to main settings screen
  14. Open Application Manager
  15. Tap All
  16. Scroll down and tap Gallery
  17. Tap Clear Data
  18. Return to home screen by pressing middle button
  19. Open Gallery app, you should now find that the Picasa albums are gone!

We’re working on slimming down the process if possible, but right now this is the only method we’ve found to work. Give it a go and let us know how it goes, or if you encounter any issues. Good luck!


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  • Emma2hemmings

    thanks for you help i had been trying to find ways of getting rid of them for days 

  • Thiago Ferreira

    perfect! thanks.

  • s3picasa

    my problem is that it keeps coming back which wastes my battery and data 

  • Bone head

    worked well and look forward to the fat extraction

  • http://twitter.com/Zoracle Zach Turner

    OMG, never would have figured this one out!  Thanks!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=700092469 Debi Riddell

    thank you soooooo much xxx

  • Glug Glug Glug Aah

    Thank you sooooo  much! I was literally going bonkers trying to figure out how to do this!

  • Rapidcat

    cant find this step

    10. Select your Google account11. Untick these options if available: Sync Google+, Sync Google Photos, Sync Picasa Web Albums
    no option for untick options

  • Rapidcat

     nevermind , found the problem
    need to enable account sync, if disable no tick options

  • Lbaydoun

    Woooow thank you man it works finally you was very helpfull

  • nicolebehariefans

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!! Those ancient picas albums being there was driving me! & I’d tried just about everything. Thanks again! :O)

  • burak


  • techbot

    There is more easy way… with galaxy s3 ,,, 2 days back i had to factory restore my phone to get rid of those photos now i think i finally got it… its lil odd than usual… in apps screen press and hold “gallery” icon and drap it to “app info” icon in bottom and then click clear data…. thanks god it clears out all the synced photo which cant be deleted in more humanly manner….

  • http://miguelsampedro.tumblr.com miguelsampedro

    Worked like a charm! Thanks a bunch.

  • Zyprez

    Thank you!
    Thank you!
    Thank you!
    Thank you!
    Thank you!
    This was driving me f….. crazy! Cant believe they put something like this in, and u have to do all that to delete it!

  • Andrea

    I cant’t find the ‘uninstall updates’. Oh please help me…

  • Andrea

    I’m already desperate to delete these picasa albums but i couldn’t find the ‘uninstall updates’. Oh I need your help..

  • gadgethelpline

    Check for app updates in Play Store, install the Google+ one before starting the whole process!

  • Liquidgold40oz

    Thank you so much !!!

  • Lauren

    I was worried that hitting “clear data” would wipe out ALL of my photos, but it didn’t…it only deleted the pics from Picasa! (..For those who may be concerned about that)
    Thank you so much! Having those on my phone has been driving me nuts.

  • Nicole

    I don’t have google plus but it sucked in all picasa from a blog i have… How do I delete that? if I go to All applications there is no google+ honeetly, this is making me hate this phone.

  • gadgethelpline

    Install Google+ or update via the Play Store and then start following our instructions!

  • Jerry Dudley

    it worked for me thanks.

  • http://www.facebook.com/i4D3v1c3 Marc Harris

    perfect! thanks!!

  • supertesta

    Thanks VERY VERY MUCH! Those old photos were annoying my life!
    Just here I could find a way to solve it! Perfect!

  • chiki

    Just delete pic from google+ and the picasa gets deleted from gallery. No needto do anything such long process in application manager

  • Nana

    thank you so much <3

  • farmer

    Thx & helpful. However, i can only find Google+ & picasa uploader and made them disabled instead of “uninstall”. Anyways, by try and error, i found Gallery on Apps Mgr and clear data…. bingo, all unwanted picasa gone and left with only photos took by the phone!! thx

  • Angelique Nonofyourbusiness

    You absolutely made my day! Somehow, my phone kept on viewing tbe albums and pictures even though I had deleted the albums on Picasa itself and only this one worked :)

    Thank you to Lauren (below mine) as well, was afraid of that as well – but your post assured me :)

  • bobk49

    Brilliant but now have a new problem. Every time I sync my Galaxy 3S with my laptop using Kies Air the phone automatically uploads all my pictures from my laptop.I cannot find a way to stop it.Add to this that in Kies Air there are no photos uploaded and I am more crazed!!!!!!!!! Please advise with thanks.

  • Emm Enn

    Thamks a million!!!! Just to update, I have not installed google+ and also the picasa sync was already off, so I only went in gallery and cleared data. Voila :)

  • Karen

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  • sas

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  • megude

    Thank you; it worked perfectly!

  • Cubs

    Thank you so much! Worked perfectly and can confirm that pressing clear data only deletes the annoying Picassa albums and not your personal ones…fantastic@

  • Teresa

    Thanks so much! I was getting annoyed with those albums.

  • Holly

    Thankyou! Life saver!

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    Thank you soooo much. This has drove me crazy and I have tried everything. Thanks for the helpful tip. PICASA is the DEVIL!!!

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  • jd

    What about the pictures that are synced with fb. I am trying to get rid of them, but after I clear them they come back.

  • dirtrich

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    Help! I triied to clear data but nothing is clearing. The google plus on my galaxy is disabled and i cant get rid of this picasa stuff i hate this

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  • http://www.facebook.com/marie.mitchell.35175 Marie Mitchell

    Thank you! I’ve been trying to figure this out for weeks! It works for the facebook synced photos also, but you have to uninstall and reinstall Facebook.

  • Owen

    I do not have “Account and Sync” in my settings on my S3

  • hiimjo

    Brilliant! Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!! It worked!

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    Omg thank you so much this is awesome! I have been trying to figure out how to do this and this really really helped so thank you! :D

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    Brilliant – At long last, instructions that actually work! Thank you

  • Sarah Mills

    It worked, thank you. This is my first time with a smartphone of any kind and while I like various aspects of Google and I deleted my Blogger, I didn’t like the idea of these pics hanging around. I honestly first thought that deleting the Blogger would do it.

  • Neville M. Dalton

    Sorry, there is NO “app info” icon at the bottom of my app screen. I have tried all sorts of deleting and cancellation but the Picasa (random) syncs remain. I would complain but the Gallery files are just a jumble of pictures from my main PC and make no sense to anybody but me. WASTE OF TIME GOOGLE! Even the guys at Vodafone can’t sort it!

  • sam

    This worked wonderful! Thank you, I had my blog photos synced in because I use the same email and because Google like to do that :/ so I had tons of unwanted pictures, I’m glad I got rid of them so Thank you again :)

  • lilash

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  • Veronica

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  • Mary

    I don’t want to delete all of the photos on Auto Backup on my Galay S3, only select photos. So, I don’t think the above instructions will work for me.

  • laxmi

    Go to settings.. go to accounts and click google.. click your gmail account..Sync settings will open..unclick all the sync and remove the google account..All your photos from Picasa will be automatically deleted..It worked for me.. Hope it helps for someone.

  • qurban

    good job

  • Naadir Boss

    all my accnt was disable for sync
    facebook, samsung, google..etcc
    but i still got these photos with picasa icon on it
    but when i clear data for the gallery
    then it has gone
    btw thnks a lot man

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