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ReddX Brings Reddit to Xbox One

Microsoft has added an official Reddit app to the Xbox One allowing users of the console access to the, um, charming, content posted on the popular social networking website, which allows users with similar tastes to group together and post news articles.

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The new app, given the significantly cool name ReddX, is an idea Microsoft came up with to promote gaming communities on the Xbox One, since Reddit’s ‘subReddits’ often focus on niche subjects such as one particular game.

“At Xbox, community is a big part of who we are. And we know at reddit, community makes up the very core of the service there, too,” says Major Nelson, Director of Programming for Xbox Live.

“The launch of ReddX on Xbox One is exciting because it combines the intense community involvement we’ve come to know on both platforms with the unique capabilities offered by Xbox One.”

Reddit actively encourages duck posts.

You can get ReddX today from Microsoft’s Xbox Live store, it’s also free. It can be pinned to the side of the screen for quick access in game, or even used in fullscreen, if that’s the kind of thing you’re into.

Microsoft also announced that there will be some humorous ‘meme’ flavored achievements bundled with the app using their media achievements system.

“In June we announced more than 45 new entertainment experiences coming to Xbox One and we continue to deliver on that commitment with additions like ReddX, an app that we are confident our reddit fans will embrace with open arms,” said Nelson.

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ReddX is available currently for all Xbox Live subscribers in North America (this includes the US and Canada) and will include all your favourite subReddits which are usually available on the browser version.

All content, such as text, video, and those oh-so-funny gifs you like will all be working properly, as well as all the popularity contest features fans have come to expect, such as up/downvoting. You’ll also be able to download and wallpaper images.

Source: Major Nelson’s Xbox Blog

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