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Real Racing 3 Announced for iPad, iPhone and Android

We love it when developers push the boundaries of mobile gaming, creating games that are close to console quality. Imagine our delight when EA Mobile announced Real Racing 3 today.

Firemint, the developer being Real Racing and Real Racing 2, has been merged with another games studio, IronMonkeys, to become FireMonkeys – let’s face it, ‘IronMint’ doesn’t sound anywhere near as good. The resulting work from the new combined studio is the third title in the Real Racing series, and it looks incredible.

A new teaser trailer has been released, giving us a taste of what the pinnacle of mobile gaming will look like. One of our favourite things about the Real Racing series is the fact that you can race real, licensed cars, and real-life tracks like the Laguna Seca, unlike several other racing titles. From the initial trailer alone, we know for sure you’ll be able to compete in Porsche Carrera races.

Real Racing 2 was a pretty big breakthrough, allowing four player split-screen gaming on a big screen TV, streamed from an iPhone or iPad via Apple TV. It also made a pretty big breakthrough in allowing 16 cars to be on the grid – this of course, flexes your device’s processing power, and so the game will only work well on higher end devices. We’re hoping that even more breakthroughs are made with Real Racing 3, especially now that devices have progressed in terms of power and tech.

From the initial trailer we’ve been stunned by the graphics. Some of the top mobile games out there now look to be in line with PS2 graphics, but this looks somewhere between PS2 and PS3 quality – it’s that good.

Real Racing 3 will launch between October and December this year, on iPhone, iPad and Android. We wouldn’t be surprised if EA launched it to coincide with the new iPhone in September.

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