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Radioplayer finally launched in UK – BBC and commercial radio all-in-one online.

We previously wrote of the announcement by the BBC to join up with Radioplayer‘s online digital radio service to provide a comprehensive service available to all listeners in the UK. Today saw that big launch for the new BBC backed Radioplayer, which will provide the widest range of BBC and commercial broadcasts all in one place – through an interface which functions much like that of the Beeb’s iPlayer.

Through the Radioplayer website, listeners are presented with the easy-to-use interface and search options include station, location, programme, presenter and interest. With 157 stations already on board and 100s on the way, listeners will no doubt find something of interest.

For example, entering “rock” as a search term we received 30 possible stations which were playing rock music to choose from. The list showed the names of the stations and a general description of the type of show.  Selecting a station brought up a new window featuring the player itself, details of the song currently playing and the DJ hosting, blasting some sharp, digital Rainbow – sweet!

Contrary to what we wrote earlier, BBC’s own radio stations do still exist on the iPlayer and have not crossed over. However they have been rebranded to carry Radioplayer detail and can be searched for on the Radioplayer front page and open in the same window, so no fuss there.

Currently Radioplayer is only accessible with web access or a TV set top box, but presumably once this takes off, which we’re sure it will, steps will be made to offer the service as apps for mobiles and handheld gadgets. Such a wide range of broadcasts and portability to come – stay tuned!

Have a listen for yourself at Radioplayer.co.uk – then let us know your thoughts on our official Gadget Helpline Facebook Page!

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