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Qualcomm’s next chips will give mobile phones ‘console quality gaming’

Leaked documents show the next generation of mobile processors from chip manufacturer Qualcomm to be even faster and more economic than the current range of Snapdragon chips.

Electronista has released a presentation designed by Qualcomm to show off the next generation of Dual-Core processors intended for release in 2012. The MSM8270, MSM8930 and MSM8960 processors feature in Qualcomm’s product roadmap and are said to give a performance that is 5x greater than that of the current range of Snapdragon processors.

The new range will feature both Dual-Core and Quad-Core processors, with up to 2.5GHz per core in processing power. Interestingly, Qualcomm are keen to point out that their next-gen range of processors will require 75% less power to run effectively, meaning future smartphones and tablets using the processors won’t suffer from a shorter battery life.

All of the new Qualcomm chipsets will also support full HD video playback, something that some tablets and mobile phones are already achieving through current Qualcomm chips.  Alongside Full HD playback, the chips will be capable of stereoscopic 3D capture and playback, 7.1 Dolby surround sound, and support for image sensors of up to 20MP – a figure far away from current mobile phone camera specs.

Qualcomm hope to pair their future processors with what they are calling a “next-gen Adreno GPU” to provide superior graphics and processing power for mobile devices of the future. Adreno GPUs already feature in some of today’s top-end smartphones, such as the XPERIA Play and the HTC Desire HD.

The next generation of Qualcomm processors and Adreno GPUs are expected to be used in mobile phones and tablet devices come 2012.

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