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Punktendo – A Clash of Punk Rock and Retro Video Games!

Oi! You can now rebel against the working day with Punktendo – a range of online games that clash retro 8-bit graphics with the world of Punk Rock music and replaces iconic sprites with the icons of Hardcore and Ska.

The free-to-play games are based on nostalgia inducing Nintendo Entertainment System titles such as Super Mario Bros., Golf and Kung Fu, rebranding them Super Mikey Erg – with frontman of The Ergs!, Fat Mike’s Golf – featuring the singer of NOFX and Milo Fu – based on The Descendants main man and his cartoon alter ego from the famous album art for the band’s debut Milo Goes To College.

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These punk rock royalties are joined by Danzig as Mega Man, Masked Intruder (M.I) in a spoof of Hogan’s Alley and others who have been placed in the games by Brooklyn based artist and animator Jeff Hong who has had a 15 year career in animation and has worked for the likes of Disney and Nickelodeon.

To enjoy the games yourself via web browser on a PC or laptop you will need to install a Flash plugin called NESBox. But we have to say we were a little disappointed to discover the customised console used to promote the online games is not actually a real thing and there are no physical game cartridges that can be included alongside your record collection. We’d also have liked to see Slapshot make an obvious appearance in Nintendo Ice Hockey. These details are however just a minor threat to the appeal of Punktendo.

Punk rock and video games, really what else do you need from life?


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