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PSP games to continue on Playstation 3 in new “Remaster” range

PSP to Playstation 3 crossover will become a reality with “PSP Remaster” – including awesome graphics upgrades, a full big-screen experience and game play continuity between the respective Sony gaming gadgets.

“Monster Hunter Portable” is the first title to make the leap between platforms as part of the Remastered series and is set to hit Japan first with worldwide rollout and further games to follow once successes are soaring.

PSP Remaster titles will come on Blu-Ray disc, meaning you will need to repurchase games already in your collection which admittedly is a bit of a con, and we’d only presume if you really love the game you’ll be willing to fork out for a copy for both platforms (price and future titles pending).

However, the benefits will be in the quality of graphics (some titles even predicted to come along in eye-popping 3D), seamless conversion from PSP to the Playstation 3 format – the same gameplay only making the most of Big Brother’s features and controls.

However, we see the main selling point of this new system to be the data save sharing. Been PSP gaming on the move and want to carry on your progress at home? You can do it easily via your PS3 through your television screen. Or vice versa – Had a hardcore gaming sesh at home but need to go out? Just pop your progress in your pocket for pick up later.

The PSP Remaster series begins in Japan this Summer.

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