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PS4 software update 2.01 rolling out today to address rest mode issue


Sony will roll out PlayStation 4 software update version 2.01 today, with the intention of fixing the issues occurring from “Masmune”, their latest update. The main issue being consoles refusing to power back on when turned off into Rest Mode.

Sony had this to say on Twitter:

PlayStation 4 firmware 2.0 rolled out last week with a host of new features, including theme support, enhancements to live broadcasting, improved voice commands, a USB music player and Share Play feature, but as with any update it also came with Issues. See our original blog below for the full story on the update issues.


Original Blog:

Sony latest “Masmune” Firmware v2.0 Software has had a few days to settle in, but it appears that settling in is not going to be a major feature on Sony’s latest update, as User’s online are reporting an issue with the Consoles Rest mode.

Users are reporting that the PS4 with the v2.00 Software are not able to leave the Rest mode (formerly Standby mode) if the console enters this without powering off the console full.

The rest mode is supposed to be a low power consumption mode of r the Next gen console, but users globally are reporting that since the Update has been live their consoles are refusing to turn back on after entering the mode.

Fans have taken to a Reddit discussion where talks of issues with the v2.0 Playstation 4 update have pointed towards this shared issue the Rest Mode seems to effect users at random, with some PS4 owners suffering from the lockout every time the rest mode is turned on.

It would Seem that Sony are also aware of the issues with the PS4 2.0 upgrade, as they tweeted acknowledging them.

For the full article: Sony PS4 experiencing Rest Mode issue after v2.00 Software update

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