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PS Vita: Only one PSN account per console

Anyone looking to pick up the PS Vita handheld console in the hope of using it as a multi-user device will have to think twice, following new word from Sony Japan. Sony has today confirmed that the PS Vita will lock users into a single PSN account.

The news comes from company exec Brad Douglas, who’s tweeted to confirm rumours from last week, which suggested that the PS Vita would not let users switch between accounts in the same way that the PSP or PS3 do.

Douglas tweeted: ‘[The] only difference is that Vita requires you to do a factory reset when logging into a new acct, PSP does not.’

The news means that users looking to take advantage of special PSN deals such as free or discounted games more than once are out of luck: restoring the PS Vita to its factory settings will let you access a separate account, but only at the expense of all your current games and data.

The PS Vita launches this month in Japan and in February in the UK. It’s looking to be a worthy successor to the PSP, with graphical prowess nearly matching that of the PS3 and a library of top launch games and franchises, including a bespoke Uncharted adventure.

While Sony has limited the PS Vita’s power here and also in its inability to web browse while pausing a game in the background, it still looks like it’ll give the Nintendo 3DS a solid run for its money.

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