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Project Morpheus: Sony Officially Announces Virtual Reality Headset for PS4

The second coming of the 90s virtual reality fad has really kicked off and following in the footsteps of the Oculus Rift, Sony has officially unveiled its own offering to this exciting revival of the digital gaming platform, which is called Project Morpheus.

Project Morpheus was announced by Sony Worldwide Studios at the Game Developer’s Conference this week as a wearable gaming gadget designed for use with the PlayStation 4 console, working in co-operation with the DualShock 4 controller and the PlayStation Camera.

The head-mounted gear features a 5-inch LCD display that sits just in front of the wearer’s face, boasting eye-busting realism with Full HD 1080p virtual reality visuals and 90-degree rotation – but let us bear in mind the crowd-funded Oculus Rift, on the other hand, offers a slightly better 110-degree span.

Despite having changed form since the giant gaudy face accessories of yesteryear, this re-imagining does resemble something you’d see worn by electro-funk duo Daft Punk. But regardless of the odd appearance of this prototype headset, contained within is an incredibly immersive VR gaming experience.

Sony demonstrated the potential of Project Morpheus at the annual GDC with an impressive first person view of action mythology game God of War which showed off exactly what it’s been working on for at least four years and teased, albeit briefly, the exciting future direction of PlayStation gaming.

What do you think? Is virtual reality gaming another gimmick or fad, or can you not wait to make the switch from TV to an immersive headset?

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