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Playstation Vita – Handheld release date and game prices revealed by retailer

Sony’s portable Playstation Vita might just have gotten a release date along with pricing for some of its titles, as an online retailer seems to have jumped the gun and given the game away much earlier than planned.

Shopto.net is currently listing the gadget formerly known as NGP – the PS Vita handheld gaming console – in two versions, Wi-Fi and 3G models, for £228.85 and £278.85 respectively. That’s a little less than Sony’s projected cost at the E3 Conference earlier this month.

Both the 3G and Wi-Fi PS Vita are up for pre-order through the website now with a release date of November 4th given – A date which until now has been brushed off by Sony as mere speculation.

Games up for grabs and also for pre-order include titles such as StreetFighter X Tekken, BioShock, Little Big Planet and Killzone, amongst the 20 release games which are all priced at £37.85 to £38.84, and ready for that November launch.

Can we take this site’s word as the truth or have they gotten a little ahead of themselves? – Much like Zavvi who are flogging Nintendo Wii U home consoles almost a year in advance!

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Source: ShopTo.net

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