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Playstation Vita goes social with Facebook, Twitter & Skype

Portable gaming gadget the PS Vita is set to go social as Sony is preparing to roll out a networking hub which will bring Facebook, Twitter, Skype and Foursquare to the console.

Dedicated apps will be linked to the social hub leading to the four leading online buddy sites will be included into the PS Vita software packageand is set to launch by the end of the year, beginning with Japan and to take to the US, UK and Europe in early 2012 – this lining up with the speculated release dates of the handheld, so presumably the PS Vita will be friendly from the word Go.

Sony says “PS Vita users will not only be able to enjoy the immersive rich gaming content but through the addition of these social networking services and communications widely used around the globe will also have an easy access and greater opportunity to enjoy communicating with friends by simply selecting the dedicated application.”

The announcement of a social push for the PS Vita comes from Sony’s presentation at GamesCom where it also revealed plans to release a cut price “lite” Playstation Portable called “E1000” which by cutting a few features including Wi-Fi will bring the handheld under £100. This as well as price cuts to existing PSP and PS3 consoles in the US and Japan.

We had heard this information when it was rumour and also that industry insiders claimed that it would be costly and a risk for Sony to place all their bets on the PS Vita. We don’t expect these sources will be getting a friend invite from Sony once the social hub goes live.

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