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Playstation Network Down From 4:00PM Thursday to 8:00AM Friday in U.K & Europe

With hacks on the Diablo III for Windows PC gaming community recently being reported, recent news could bring up a resurfacing nightmare for Sony Playstation gamers who little over a year ago were the victims of a most unpleasant intrusion on their beloved PSN.

The Gadget Helpline thought we would offer an early warning to gamers with a nervous disposition and inform you that some parts of the Playstation Network – or Sony Entertainment Network (as the online service for Playstation branded gaming gadgets is now known) will go down again today – but don’t panic! This is simply a routine maintenance which will take place in the U.K and Europe between 16:00 today (Thursday 24th) and 8:00 tomorrow (Friday 25th) BST.

Sections of the PSN service that will be rendered unavailable for the duration of the include the Playstation Store for PS3, PSP and recently launched PS Vita, Account Management and Account Registration – so those of you who have just bought your spanking new PS Vita portable will have to hold fire on signing up for tonight.

Multiplayer online play is said to remaining available and unaffected during the tune-up and Sony gamers will be informed of when everything is back online by following the Playstation EU Twitter @PlayStationEU

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