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Playstation Network Now Rebranded with Sony Entertainment Network

Sony has issued the Gadget Helpline with the official notice for the big change to its Playstation Network, which will now become merged with the Sony Entertainment Network as the company looks to push the platform into a more unified direction with both gaming, media and music all under one branding.

The changes began taking place from yesterday and the statement we’ve received reads:
On February 8, 2012, “PlayStation Network accounts” will be renamed “Sony Entertainment Network accounts” or “SEN accounts”. This change will take effect at the same time as upcoming PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita* system software updates. After you update the system software on your PS3 or PS Vita , you will notice that “PlayStation Network accounts” have been renamed “Sony Entertainment Network accounts”. This change will not affect the naming of “PlayStation Network accounts” when viewed on a PSP (PlayStation Portable) system. *PlayStation Vita will launch from 22nd February, 2012. This account change is a change in name only. You do not have to do anything and your username and password will not change.

The Sony Entertainment Network, or SEN, was created from Qriocity back in September 2011, and Sony says this is merge with the PSN will provide a “global comprehensive network platform of services” and, of course, there is no mention of this being a move to reinvent the service as we head towards a most unwelcome of anniversaries. One year on from April 2011 when the PSN was pulled for “maintenance” reasons. This was an untruth from Sony to postpone the horrifying truth which was to be revealed a few days later – the gaming network and Sony Online Entertainment had in fact suffered a massive security breach and millions of user’s personal accounts and credit card information had been stolen.

A rebrand could finally put this blunder to bed, as well as bringing the soon to be former Playstation Network up to speed with the multimedia savvy Xbox LIVE community currently benefitting from music and movies services online through the Microsoft console. The name Sony Entertainment Network would suggest this is something that’s on the cards for PS3 owners.

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