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Playstation Network down in Europe for “maintenance”

The Playstation Network is currently still down in Europe after being first reported at around 9:15am GMT this morning when it was confirmed in a tweet through the PlaystationEU Blog account.

Sony is claiming “maintenance” to be the reason for the PSN going down earlier today – due to issues affecting network features such as Qriocity, Playstation Store and account management. However it’s also been suggested that the network may have been previously targeted by “Hackivist” group Anonymous, who have recently claimed credit for causing a number of network problems for big name companies such as Microsoft and the BBC – Sony dismiss these claims in regards to today’s difficulties.

A follow-up tweet stated: “We have a community moderator updating this thread throughout the day: http://bit.ly/hyOYf1 and we’ll tweet new info as soon as we have it.”

Gamers are still waiting and anxiously attacking the thread in a seemingly vain hope that play will resume at some point today. Of course, we’re very disappointed – but would much rather wait patiently and take this opportunity to enjoy the sunshine!

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