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Playstation Home: Refurbished Sony social environment launches today

Sony’s Playstation Home gets a grand redesign today and the Official Blog has given us a teaser of what to expect when the new-look service hits Sony consoles today.

As well as a total refurbishment of the 3D free-roaming virtually social environment, PS3 gamers will find a selection of new games to enjoy absolutely free of charge. Only a PSN account is required to join in the fun of playing online titles such as Bootlegger ’29 – a prohibition era role-player, PS Home Hold ‘Em – a casual play poker game, PS Home Sports Trivia – 10,000 questions for sports fans with sporty virtual rewards to be won, RC Rally – a build and bash car racer, and Cogs – a ‘steampunk’-inspired puzzler. The games are multiplayer and can be enjoyed with fellow gamers through the Playstation’s social environment.

Districts have also undergone a refit – Action District allows for ‘hardcore’ gamers to interact and pick up the latest cool content for serious titles like Killzone 3 and Dead Island as well as attend events with fellow gamers in an urban setting.

Sportswalk includes scores and headlines and interactive multiperson gameplay of popular sporting titles.

Adventure District like the Action District is for the full-on gamers who like a deeply involving platform for play. The launch of this District will feature an integrated Uncharted 3 event where players can earn valuable items and rewards to be used in the full game.

Pier Park is a waterfront fairground district featuring puzzle and arcade games as well as a ride on the Ferris wheel!

Playstation Home Theater is set in an ‘ultra-modern architectural design’ and plays videos of the latest gaming trailers of titles and Home features to whet the appetite of Playstation gamers ahead of future releases. Like what you see? Talk about it with your social buddies within the virtual society!

And finally, Playstation Home Mall – a one-stop-shop for all your purchasable items and content to customise your Playstation Home experience and create a wardrobe for your avatar or the benefit gameplay.

In total, the newly redesigned Playstation Home boasts 230 ready-to-play games and more than 10,000 virtual items up for grabs. This in addition to new community events every day of the week.

The Playstation Home update hits PS3 consoles in the US from today and the UK and Europe should follow along shortly – Let us know if you’ve got yours by leaving us a comment below, or on the Gadget Helpline Facebook page and Twitter.

For more info on the update check out the official statement – http://blog.us.playstation.com

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