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PlayStation App for iOS and Android makes your smartphone a second screen for PS4

From the event last night it became clear that Sony is all about creating a complete gaming world, not just a new console. Second screen entertainment is a big deal, with Remote Play offering the chance to stream games from the PS4 to the PS Vita. There’s also a PlayStation App for iOS and Android.

Known currently as ‘PlayStation App’, Sony’s official app will be available on both smartphones and tablets, on iOS and Android. It’ll allow gamers to use their existing gadgets as a ‘companion’ to the console itself, both at home and while out and about.

Sony only touched on the app very briefly whilst going over the main attraction when it comes to second screen gaming; Remote Play with the PS Vita. However, from what we’re told it seems like Sony is aiming for something similar to Microsoft’s SmartGlass feature for the Xbox.

Gamers will be able to look at maps and various other interactive elements of games on their phones and tablets, adding another dimension to gameplay. Sony also hinted that communication would be included in second screen entertainment, and so gamers may be able to voice or text chat with their gamer buddies while out and about on their phone – ideal to organise a game for later.

The PlayStation App will allow your buddies to watch you gaming on their smartphones and tablets, which is all started off by you, the gamer, pressing the share button on the new DualShock 4 controller. This all points to Sony taking the e-Sports industry seriously, offering gamers the chance to watch the ‘pros’ play big title games while competing in major events.

The app will also link up with Sony’s digital store, allowing gamers to browse for new games on their phones and tablets, buy them and then have them sent to the PS4 at home to be downloaded. In theory this means you’ll be able to buy the latest titles digitally when they come out at midnight and have them downloaded and ready to play in the morning, or a little while later.

The PlayStation App will come to iPhone and iPad plus Android smartphones and tablets later in the year, presumably at the same time as the console itself.

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