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PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition Reaches $15K on Ebay

Fancy one of those super retro PS4 20th Anniversary Edition consoles but missed the initial release when it was announced over the weekend? Well you can now pick one up on Ebay just in time for Christmas. However, you might sweat a little bit when you see the prices which now range up to and above $15k!

The PS4 20th Anniversary Edition was revealed last week as part of Sony’s celebrations of two decades of the original PlayStation’s launch (later rebranded PSOne) and a price of $499 was given for the US and Canada with the item limited to only 12,3000 units.

Inevitably many were picked up by scalpers and have made their way onto the online car boot sale starting at double the asking price and reaching into the thousands. And it’s not hard to believe that some people are actually bidding for them as the demand skyrockets – especially since Ebay is the only place to grab the PS4 Anniversary Edition in other worldwide territories.

For those who missed the big revealed, this special next gen gaming machine features a grey base colour with four colour PS logo – a throwback to the classic PlayStation first available in 1994. A DualShock 4 controller and PS Camera also come in the package with the console which features the same 500GB and specs as the standard black console.

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The ‘best’ Buy it Now offer we spotted on eBay UK saw the PS4 priced at £3,990. Still, no.

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