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Photoshop Touch Available Now Through Apple App Store for iPad 2

Adobe Photoshop Touch has touched down on the Apple App Store for iPad 2 owners, delivering a scaled down version of the desktop photo and image editing software for on the move editing and utilising a range of simplified tools.

If you’re a snap-happy Apple tablet user you can grab the Photoshop touch app today for $9.99 and yes that is a considerable drop down from the full-fat desk-based version, but don’t fret. This version comes with a number of the key elements and allows editors to sharpen, blur, tint and tweak their prized memories in all the same way as if you were using the basic features of Photoshop, or Photoshop Elements – these features optimised for tablet and touch gesture.

A notable restriction is that the app does limit the size of images to just 1600 x 1600 but really if you required anything more you’d probably already own the Mac-based version.

Photoshop Touch for Apple iOS brings iPad users into the picture following an earlier launch for Android gadgets.

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