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Photoshop busting app makes fake celebs face the facts

Celebs are famed for their fakery when appearing in the glossies and naïve teen girls (and indeed some boys) go to extreme lengths to mimic the unrealistic standards set by their idols as seen in the gossip rags. The Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, USA has created a software program which exposes Photoshopping and analyses airbrushing to filter out fake facelifts and bust blatant boob boosts.

Researchers in the Science Department of Dartmouth College aim to give Plain Janes a true view of what their favourite celebs look like pre-airbrushing, just as nature intended and realistically to the ever-impressionable youth. Many double-chinned divas and heavy-set songstresses have been scanned both before and after their photo shoots hitting the ‘Shop for editing and the software tool is based on the opinions of a survey taken from eagle eyed study groups who scrutinized every facet of fakeness in the celeb snaps. The result of the research and the in-progress software could be used in the future in AR (augmented reality) apps which could make is possible to identify improvements via our Android or iOS smartphone.

Infamous offenders for excessive use of airbrushing in magazines include the blemish-free Beyonce Knowles, manipulated Madonna and the artistically artificial Angelina Jolie. However, it’s not only women who are accused of a digital nip/tuck – George Clooney is also renowned for having a few years shaved off his face. Until the software is made widely available (it could take some time, suggests the college) – take a second glance when flicking through those glossies!

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