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Phones4U get scary with new ad campaign for Samsung, HTC and more!

Phones4U have conjured up a creepy new ad campaign to back it’s range of products heading into Halloween!

A couple of horror-inspired adverts have been popping up unexpectedly between post-watershed programming, really catching us by surprise with a truly shiver inspiring – yet genius – way of getting our attention leading into the season of the witch.

One advert features a woman walking hastily through a darkened car park, tormented by the vision of a bedraggled, dark-haired little girl, similar to the Samara character in The Ring. The woman reaches her car only to be startled by the girl who appears at her window, and with a sickly-sweet ominous voice tells her of the latest Samsung Tocco Icon deal – before disturbingly performing the Phones4U hand sign as made famous in earlier ads.

This isn’t the first time the little girl has been seen. We now know that this had campaign appeared on the internet before it hit TV. A viral appeared on YouTube of a ghostly figure spotted on a CCTV camera in a Phones4U store. Having thought nothing of this previously, we now know it was all part of this fantastically frightening ad campaign!

The Phones4U in-store promotion also carries a terrifying theme, with posters of gory zombie hands holding the latest HTC Windows Phone’s Radar and Titan hanging menacingly from the store front window on your local high street.

Horror fans should try to catch the telly ads before the £5.2-million campaign is no doubt banned as all the best ones are!

If you aren’t the jumpy type, here’s the full ad..

And the viral that started it all..

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