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Phone Locator Added To Android Google App

We lose our phones more often than we think – whether it’s around the house, down the back of the sofa, or even on a night out. It’s frustrating, it’s annoying and frankly there are only a few ways to track down a device once it’s gone walkabout. thankfully, Android users who use the Google search engine will have a cool new way to find their mobile very soon.

According to a new post on Google+, users can now use Google Omnibox search on a computer to track down a lost mobile, be it near or far. Using the Google search page itself, users can type in ‘find my phone’ to start up the new feature. As long as you have the latest version of the Google for Android app installed, the web browser can display a phone’s location, for if it’s lost elsewhere, or even ring your phone for you if it’s somewhere close by but hidden away.

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The ‘find my phone feature’ does have its limits – it’s only good for doing what it says, finding where your phone is. you can’t lock or block the mobile if it’s been stolen, although obviously knowing the location may help you if it’s been stolen. If you want to make sure your data and private stuff is safe from prying eyes, you’ll need to use another app, the Android Device Manager, which you can get from the Google Play Store.

Once you grab the device manager you can sort out all the necessary blocking and erasing of data you need from there. having both options at hand is incredibly useful – if you use the find my phone app to ring your phone as a first step you can work out if it’s at home or not.

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The second step of tracking it down can let you know whether it’s safe or not, it might be at a friend’s for example. If it’s not somewhere safe, like a bar or club, you can then use Android Device Manager to purge or lock it down before you collect it.

Of course, if it’s at a stranger’s house or somewhere you don’t know it might be best to lock it – you could always try to report it stolen and forward the location to the authorities, but it might all come to naught in the end. Stolen phones are pretty difficult to get back. You can find the Android Device Manager below.

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