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Pebble Smartwatch Launches in UK Starting at £99

After charming potential punters on Kickstarter the Pebble smartwatch is officially launched in the UK from today.

The Pebble concept predates Android Wear and the Apple Watch, beginning life on Kickstarter in 2011 where it amassed $10-million dollar backing is just two years and unlike the high end Google and iOS based gadgets Pebble is not your average smartwatch. It appeals to every budget with its simplistic approach to wearable tech and the makers themselves say that an ‘overpriced trophy watch’ was not on their ‘to-do list’ but what they deliver is a functional bit of kit that’s as retro kitsch as the Game Boy or Tamagotchi with its monochrome face.

The Pebble uses only three function buttons in addition to a power button and its minimalist e-paper display requires only a small amount of battery power to run for hours and hours and hours. The smartwatch features a range of its own handy apps including Notifications and Music Control which sync with iOS and Android devices.

Other neat features allow alarms to be set and watch faces to be customised – and just in time for Pebble’s UK launch there’s a new fitness focused app which combined with the watch’s activity tracking and waterproofing aims to appeal to one of the main markets for wearable gadgets.

From today a basic Pebble with plastic strap and casing will cost £99 from UK retailers such as Dixons and Amazon online however for £179 there’s the option of a more stylish Pebble Steel which features leather strap and metallic casing and looks all business.

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