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Panasonic outs 100GB Blu-ray rewritable discs

Wowzers… Panasonic has announced a new range of re-writable Blu-Ray Discs with an astounding 100GB of storage which smashes the previous 50GB maximum size.

The Blu-Ray discs are a single sided three-layer Blu-ray discs which add an additional layer on top of the current standard single-sided two-layer Blu-ray disc which offers 50GB worth of storage.

The 100GB size is in line with a personal hard drive and can store up to 12 hours of 17Mbps Digital TV or literally millions of images and over 35000 mp3 music files!

The one drawback is the compatibility and availability of the product; firstly you will need and extra special BDXL-compatible Blu-ray disc recorder (Which was released after September 2010 and has BDXL Part1 Version 3) which will allow you to copy to the format. BDXL recorders with the 100GB rewritable discs will also only be recorded at a maximum of 2x-speed.

And availability… well currently the discs are set to be released on the 15th of April but only on sale in japan and will also set you back a whopping ¥10,230 or £75 per disc!

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