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Panasonic Lumix DMC-3D1: 3D compact cam inbound for Christmas

If 3D’s going to become a permanent fixture in the future of photography, there’s one market waiting to be monopolised: the compact camera. While efforts from the likes of FujiFilm in the past have been a bit on the chunky side, Panasonic’s clearly seen a gap for a full-3D camera that remains pocketable. This is why it’s about to launch the DMC-3D1.

The 3D1 is the completed product from what was shown as a prototype during IFA 2011. The specs all seem to tick the right boxes, with full 1080p HD 3D video recording, as well as 8-Megapixel 3D still images coming from the dual 25mm wide-angle lenses. Taking 2D snaps? The quality shoots up to 9-Megapixels.

So far, so good, especially when you factor in that compact size. the only thing that’s not so compact is the price. It’s set to land before Christmas for an eye-watering $500, which is £312 to us in the UK. Let us know your thoughts on our comments below or via our @Gadget_Helpline Twitter page or Official Facebook group.

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