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OUYA announces ten new games coming to the micro Android console

Remember the OUYA console? It’s the Android-powered micro games console that drew a huge amount of interest and funding through Kickstarter earlier in the year. The full console hasn’t launched yet – it will in 2013 – but the maker is confirming games that will be available now.

Early developer versions of the console were given away to ten lucky games developers via the company’s Twitter account, where they also announced which game each developer was making. These games will be available to download when the console launches next year, along with all of the games you’d usually find in the Google Play Store.

The full list of games currently being developed looks a little like this:

  1. Nicoll Hunt – Fist of Awesome
  2. Dinosaur Games – MechKnight Chronicles
  3. Studio Evil – Syder Arcade
  4. Seantron – KidElectro
  5. Hypercane Studios – Space Runner
  6. Calvin Goble – Legend of Dungeon
  7. Mobula Games – iMech Online
  8. PD Design Studio – Dusty Revenge
  9. Dogbox Studio – Holy Shield
  10. Tiy – Starbound

There are rumoured to be other games in development for the console, but we’re most excited about being able to play some of the big name Android titles, such as Shadowgun and Dead Trigger, on our HDTV with the game pad controller.

The OUYA console is expected to go on sale in March 2013.

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