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OUYA Android console will play nicely with wireless Xbox 360 and PS3 controllers

We already knew that the Android-powered OUYA micro console would accept all manner of USB gamepads and controllers, but now we know that wireless Xbox 360 and PS3 controllers will also work with it.

Games development studio Puzzl has confirmed to Pocket-Lint that it has successfully paired up and used both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 controllers with the mini console.

It’s quite a surprise that the Xbox controller works with OUYA, as Microsoft developed a system that meant its controllers very rarely worked with anything but the Xbox console itself. Of course, the compatibility will only be of any use if game developers can map the controls into their games.

Developers recently received the first batch of OUYA developer kits which have given time to tinker and see what the little console is capable of, and so the discovery of console controller compatibility early on is big and exciting news.

So far we know that both wired and wireless Xbox 360 and PS3 DualShock controllers work with the console, as does the Nintendo Wii-mote and various other third party wheels, pads and sticks from the likes of Logitech.

Unfortunately you won’t be able to take an OUYA and immediately pair up your controllers however – tinkering will need to be done. Puzzl only came to find this information by exploring the very inner workings of the console and its software, and it seems that it won’t be an advertised feature, although Puzzl CEO Nilsen Filc says it really should be.

OUYA started off life as an idea which gained following and backing through Kickstarter, securing more than sufficient funding in a very short space of time. The first Kickstarter backers should be receiving their consoles towards March time; meanwhile the price tag is expected to be £99 here in the UK when regular sales start shortly after.

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