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Orange & T-Mobile Customers to Benefit from 3G Signal Sharing

Customers of Orange and T-Mobile in the UK will soon be able to benefit from 3G signal sharing from both networks, as a result of the Everything Everywhere merger of the two networks.

Those on Orange and T-Mobile have been able to share 2G signal for calls and texts since last September. The merger means that the combined 27 million customers will benefit from a better coverage of mobile signal across the country.

However, those wanting to use the internet on their mobiles required a 3G signal, which until now hasn’t been shared between the two networks. Everything Everywhere has announced that as of next week, a new initiative entitled “the big 3G switch-on” would be starting across the nation.

If you’re on either network, you should find that mobile internet browsing will be at your disposal in more and more locations, with improved signal strength and quality also being a benefit of the move.

Improvements are also being made to the existing 2G services, which will bring better signal for regular calls and texts to customers of both networks.

Since the signal sharing begun last October, Everything Everywhere has recorded over 5 billion text messages being sent and received by customers using the other network, as well as over 1.7 million days worth of calls.

Users won’t incur any additional charges for using the internet from the other network, and can continue to use their smartphones, mobile broadband and tablets in the same way they normally would.

The 3G switch-on starts next week and will be rolling out region-by-region across the country in stages.

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