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Orange and T-Mobile 4G might rebrand as Everything Everywhere?

With today’s big news that combined mobile networks Orange and T-Mobile, otherwise known as Everything Everywhere, have landed the first UK 4G mobile services, speculation has now gone rife that the two spate networks will re-brand to Everything Everywhere sometime in the near future.

Sources are reportedly stating that a rebrand of the separate networks would be coming as soon as October when the company has access to the new 4G mobile services, but other sources are reporting the company will simply launch a third brand to sit alongside the successful T-Mobile and Orange branding.

A source at Sky News is claiming that an Everything Everywhere spokesperson told them that that the company are “planning to launch a new brand to run alongside Orange and T-Mobile.” So this could just be an Everything Everywhere 4G branding or it could be something altogether?

Everything Everywhere did commit a brand review last year when the two companies were originally purchased as one but at the time no changes came out of the match up, but now with such a major change up coming it is easy to see why a singular 4G brand might make a difference.

When the 3G services launched across the UK the Hutchison group launched the Three network using the 3G platform as a springboard, so it wouldn’t be hard to see Everything Everywhere doing the same.

After the announcement was made both O2 and Vodafone have stated their upset over the 4G service ruling from OFCOM and the two networks will now have to wait until 2013 when Ofcom will hold an auction to decide how to distribute the rest of the 4G spectrum across the UK.

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