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Orange Launches Free Tap Treats – Free Food for NFC Smartphone Users

Orange UK has teamed up with EAT to raise awareness of NFC technology in smartphones, and to give away some tasty free food.

NFC, or Near Field Communications, is a relatively new wireless technology that has been implemented in new smartphones such as the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The technology allows your mobile to instantly interact with something when you touch the two together.

In the case of Free Tap Treats, you can tap your NFC smartphone against a poster in one of 110 EAT stores to claim free goodies. From the off you’ll be able to grab one of the following treats just by tapping your phone against the specially designed posters in store, and more will be added over time:

    • Quick Tap Treats
    • Free Ham & Cheese Baguette
    • Free Small Coffee
    • Free Porridge
    • Free Fruit
    • Hot Drinks Upgrade (small to big)
    • Free Mash & Gravy with any Pie purchase
    • Breakfast Bacon upgrade (small to big)
    • Soup Upgrade (small to big)

Sounds great, right? If you’re not sure about your phone having NFC, Orange has compiled a list of phones that will work with the new initiative. All Orange customers with a compatible phone will also get a text to inform them about the service, and there will be a Quick Tap Treats app soon available from the BlackBerry App World, Nokia OVI Store and Orange World. The phones that will work with Quick Tap Treats are:

    • Samsung Tocco Lite (Special NFC version only)
    • Samsung Wave 578 (Special NFC version only)
    • Samsung Galaxy SII (Special NFC version only)
    • BlackBerry 9900
    • BlackBerry 9360
    • BlackBerry 9790
    • BlackBerry 9380
    • Acer LiquidExpress

The scheme will launch next month and run through until summer of this year, so if you’ve got one of the phones above and you’re on Orange, why not give NFC a try – it’s incredibly easy to use, and you’ll get a tasty reward.

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