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Official Asus Cases and Dock Revealed for Google Nexus 7

It looks like we’re going to have to re-assess our ‘Top 5 Nexus 7 Accessories’ list, as an official dock has leaked online along with two very jazzy looking cases for the Jelly Bean tablet.

At the moment the only real official accessories offered by Google and Asus are the official Nexus 7 Cover and the Nexus Q media streamer, but now it seems that there’s more in store. NordicHardware has spoilt Asus’s plans, revealing three brand new accessories in one fell swoop.

The first, and in our eyes the most exciting, is the dock. If you paid close attention to our unboxing and first time startup of the new tablet, you’ll have seen us point out the gold magnetic connections on the side. These provide an instant connection to the dock, which accommodates the Nexus 7 in landscape mode – perfect for watching movies. On the back of the dock there’s a micro USB connection to keep the battery juiced, and a 3.5mm connector to output audio to some external speakers. The dock is finished in the same black as the rear of the tablet itself, and is said to cost $50, so hopefully around the £30 mark for us Brits.

Asus plans to ‘give your Nexus genuine leather chic’ with a new Premium Cover too, which looks to be the priciest official case going. Priced at $39.99, the Premium Cover protects both the front and back of the tablet with a full shell design. Both the hard shell that covers the back and the flip-out front cover have a leather finish, with a soft microfiber interior and a reinforced glass fibre layer in the middle for extra toughness. According to the leaked slides, the Premium Cover will be available in four colours: Red, Orange, Black, and White.

If you don’t want to go shelling out that much on a case, a very similar looking ‘Travel Cover’ is also on the horizon. This one again covers the entire tablet, with a tough TPU rear shell coated in a soft non-slip material for grip, and a flip-out cover for the screen. The price is apparently $19.99, which is much more reasonable. Six colours are available, including a nice bright pink for the ladies. Lovely.

What do you think of the new accessories? Will you be adorning your Nexus 7 with any of the new cases?

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Via: Engadget

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