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No Official Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for Samsung Galaxy S Claims Samsung

Samsung has reportedly told Korean site Daum.net that Google’s latest Android upgrade Ice Cream Sandwich will in fact not be coming to the popular original Galaxy S smartphone due to hardware restrictions and Samsung’s own TouchWiz enhanced OS. Samsung’s tablets in the Galaxy Tab range will also find the new OS version 4.0 absent along with the slick new interface, speed and graphics which were recently debuted on Samsung and Google’s collaboration the Galaxy Nexus.

The inclusion of ICS and Touchwiz together is supposedly the cause for Samsung’s change of tack, which will surely be a source of disappointment for first gen Galaxy S owners eager to get to grips with the new Android OS. Despite the processing potential with still respectable 1GHz CPU – Samsung has allegedly pulled plans for the operating software due to the RAM restrictions when combining Ice Cream Sandwich with native TouchWiz.

The reasoning seems to be that Samsung wants to ensure that its any Android OS appearing on its devices comes with its own complimenting interface and it’s not something they are willing to sacrifice for the sake of the thousands of owners of the European Smartphone of the Year (2010-11) keen to keep up with the ever evolving Android. We’re sure that Samsung will happily sell you a Galaxy II or Galaxy Nexus if you do want something a little tastier than Gingerbread.

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