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O2 reveals its 4G tariffs and pricing – 1GB of data from £26

O2 has ousted its pricing plans for the 4G tariffs that the network will be debuting later this month when the 4G/LTE service goes live on August 29th.

O2 has put in its basic tariff prices which start from a £26 a month for SIM-only contracts which will get you unlimited talk time and text messages and varying amounts of mobile data. For example, you can have 1GB of data for £26 per month, 3GB for £31 and 5GB will set you back £36 per month.

Additionally, if you feel you need more data on a month by month deal then additional bolt-ons for data can be added to your tariff to expand your internet usage. However, O2 is offering any users who sign up to the 4G service before October 31st an additional data boost on the £31 and £36 per month contracts. Instead of getting 3GB for £31 per month users will get 5GB and for the higher £36 contract users will get 8GB instead of the advertised 5GB, but only if you sign up before October 31st.

O2’s other plan, O2 Refresh, which allows you to get a new handset when you want for an additional fee, will come with a slightly cheaper deal but with a guaranteed contract period.

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The packages will be the same as the O2 Simplicity deal where there will be a 1GB, 3GB and 5GB standard packages of data, all with unlimited talk time and text messages but this time the basic pricing will be a bit cheaper with 1GB equalling £22 per month, 3GB at £27 per month and 5Gb at £32 per month. Users then have the cost of the device on top of that payment ranging between £10 and £25 a month dependent on the phone in question.

Again, the early signup deal will be available for O2 Refresh tariffs where users will get extra data allowances on the 3GB and 5GB bundles if they sign up before the October 31st 2013.

As of now O2 has not yet detailed what it will be offering for pay as you go customers with 4G, but it has promised to reveal the details before the end of the year.

What’s more, O2 is offering customers a 90 day ‘Happiness Guarantee’, so if you’re not happy with your 4G experience, O2 will move you back to 3G and give you £15 credit in return.

We still don’t have much information on the 4G coverage that O2 will be supplying but we will hopefully be getting a better awareness of this in coming weeks.

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